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Who We Are

Raitto Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc., is a Plastic Injection Molding & Mold Making Company in Wheelwright, Massachusetts, for your custom injection molding services. Since 1968, we have provided clients with affordable solutions and realistic turn around times. We are a small company that is able to prioritize your part designs, prototype parts, and injection mold building better than other larger companies do. Our staff loves working with our clients and creating new and exciting products.

Our President Ric Raitto ran his first  molding machine when he was 12 years old in the back hall of his house in Paxton, Massachusetts. His father David, had started the company and Ric was anxious to help out, well the job did pay 75 cents an hour.

In 1968, at the age of 13, Ric designed his first plastic part, it was a protective cap for a medical device. By 1972, Ric was designing, tooling, and finished his first mono detailed mold design, it was for a torque wrench for Rigid Tool.

He was named Vice President of Raitto Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. in 1976. While in this position he managed the molding operation that encompassed 11 injection molding machines running 24 hours a day, five days a week.

In 1978, he moved on to a management job at NypoMed, a Nypro Inc. Division. He helped run a class 10,000 clean room with 11 molding machines.

He then went to AMP Inc. in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to design on CAD software, high precision injection molds for the electronic connector industries. He saw the need  to enhance  CAD software for the Injection Molding Industry so he then moved Fairchild Industries, Tooling fo Plastics Division,as Manager of CAD/CAM Engineering, where he designed a software solution called MoldWare.

From there, Ric worked at Prime Computer in Natick, Massachusetts, and became Manager of Automotive Industry Marketing Strategy and Plastics Industry Marketing Strategy, mainly for the European markets.

In 1989, Ric purchased Raitto Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. from his father. He is continuing his father’s legacy of providing fair and honest solutions for injection molded parts.

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